Jan. 15th, 2007

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We had a weeeee little bit of snow yesterday!! And the t° has remained under the freezing point today, so it's even been sticking around. Exciting!! They're forecasting rain for tomorrow, but still freezing temperatures, so I don't know how that will pan out. They're forecasting -8°C on Wednesday with more snow. I might finally have a tiny bit of winter!

As everybody in the know has been pointing out when seeing my icon, Québec has NOT been cold this year, except on the night when I took this picture. This icon is not a complaint about the cold, but a longing for it. Note my smile.

*** ETA: I finally went outside tonight: snow everywhere, slippery roads, some slush, boots necessary. Man, this is the climate I was raised to live in. I would certainly adapt to other climates, but I really really dig winter.

So I went to the bakery. They had just closed the cash so they couldn't sell me the loaf of wholewheat bread I wanted, which they were giving away to the food bank, but for some reason they weren't donating the scones, bread rolls and flatbreads, so I got a bag full for free. Score!
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Since smoking is one of the most persistent stereotypes associated with French culture, here and in Europe (something warranted in the past, but that anglos should realize is a waning reality now), here's this article, about a new ban on smoking in French offices and other public buildings that begins next month and will ensnare bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels and casinos from 2008 onward. As for Québec, a similar but stronger ban will come into effect in May, although many places have already implemented it.

"There was such mythology around the cigarette that just doesn't exist anymore," added Mathies, a former smoker himself. "It's not 'good riddance' exactly, but rather 'no regrets."'


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